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To Wage Ware in Casino

Although you are waging a war to keep every dollar out of the casino's hands, you're still dealing with a service industry. That means your lower-level service providers rely on tips. Just as you tip waiters arid waitresses in a restaurant, you arc expected to tip casino employees who provide you direct service. As with any tipping you're not obligated to do so (particularly for bad service), but it's considered bad form to stiff the help. Below arc some guidelines for tipping various casino employees. In the casino world, tips are called tokens, and you should feel free to do your toking with chips.

This isn't just a question of good manners and behaving property. Knowing appropriate casino etiquette is essential if you're going to be taken seriously at the table. There are some things you need to know before you sit down, otherwise it will be obvious to everyone that you are a novice and your table image will suffer accordingly. It should go without saying that you must never let anyone see your cards; you'd be amazed how often hands are inadvertently exposed. It takes only a moment's carelessness for your neighbor to know exactly what you're holding. When you fold, make sure your cards stay face down. Never throw your cards across the table so that they become exposed, Always act in strict turn, especially when folding. If you make a raise, announce that you are doing so. Never show your cards to anyone else, either during or after the hand and this includes spectators.

Sitting down at the table with inadequate funds is the worst thing you can do. It will quickly become embarrassing as t becomes apparent that other aggressive players will simply raise you at every opportunity, so that you will need to get very quickly before you run out of chips. Note that in a casino the chips stay in front of each player, as opposed to being thrown into the centre as in a home game. Remember that you can't buy more chips during the course of the game. Once you've lost the chips you sat down with, you're busted out of the game and will have to stand up, buy more chips, and wait for a seat to become available all over again.

It's a nerve-racking experience playing in a casino for the first time. It's easy to assume that everyone else at the table is a shark, sophisticated and experienced, eyeing you up as potential fresh meat. In reality, this isn't the case at the low-limit tables since the really good players automatically play at much higher limits.